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Sunday, December 10, 2006

About the author

Who am I?

My name is Merlin Moncure and I am a computer programmer living in Florida. I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful children and am pretty successful by most reasonable measures. This blog is going to be moslty about things related to computer and technology but also about the various things I am concerned about. Particular areas of focus will be the economy, PostgreSQL, a smattering of policitcs and all kinds of other long winded pontificating about whatever else comes to mind.

I previously had a some PostgreSQL related information in planetpostgresql, but I found the blogging software in use there, Serendipity, very frustrating and difficult to use. Also, Blogger integrates with my GMail account in two ways: first, I can login with my Google credentials, and secondly I can publish entries from Google Docs which is a much nicer interface than the inline editor I use here. So, here I am. My first real entry on this blog is actually a post that Serendipity ate.

I would like to give a quick shout out to a few of favorite places on the internet. If you are in the programming business, do yourself a favor and check out PostgeSQL. Also, if you like to fret about the world economy like me, you absolutely have to read Mish's blog. Brilliant stuff. If you live in West Michigan and need furniture, be sure to get it from Longstreet Furniture and tell them Merlin sent you, and you will get a good deal. Also, if you are into RF engineering, check out RadioSoft, one of the biggest names in the business.



graemeho said...

Hi Merlin,
Great to see more of your insightful and informative writing. I've had 4 of your earlier articles bookmarked, and have been regularly checking back hoping you might "resurface". Looking forward to more....

Merlin Moncure said...

Hey thanks, I really appreciate it. I was always reluctant to blog over at planet because I couldn't stand Serendipity. Blogger, OTOH, does not get in my way at all and my excuses to procrastinate are being removed.

The Kids' Critic said...


Just came across your comments on recursive functions in PostgreSQL. These are a life saver.